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A non-profit agency delivering WOMEN's and MEN's health reproductive and primary health

care services throughout 19 counties in South Texas including the Coastal Bend.


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Family Planning Clinic, Texas Women's Health Program, EPHC, BCCS
Please Come and Visit one of our Family Planning Clinic(s) below:
Family Planning Clinic-Corpus  Christi
(361) 883-0619
Family Planning Clinic-Beeville
(361) 358-2974
Family Planning Clinic-Kingsville
(361) 595-1929
Family Planning Clinic-Rockport
(361) 729-7512
Family Planning Clinic-Sinton
(361) 364-3306
Family Planning Clinic-Robstown
(361) 387-6996
To enable every individual to assume responsibility, achieve self-sufficiency, and secure themselves into emotional, physical, and financial preparedness by accessing family planning, education services, primary health care services, and other support services thru the agency to help every individual achieve achieve optimal health care goals and establish a reproductive health plan to grow their family responsibly.
The primary purpose of this corporation is to provide voluntary, high quality, family planning, preventative primary health care, educational, and other support services to all persons who want and need them quickly, conveniently, comfortably, and affordably.
We believe in the provision of easily accessible, affordable, high-quality family planning, preventatiave primary health, educational, and support services for all, including the under-privileged, indigent, un-insured, under-insured, and working poor populations. The principles we base our philosophy on include helping individuals to:
  • Assume Personal Responsibility-We believe it is up to each individual to make responsible decisions about their life by providing essential support to help them take control of their personal and reproductive health.
  • Achieve Self-Sufficiency-We believe that each individual will make responsible choices to help overcome personal poverty and less than optimal health conditions by utilizing family planning, preventative primary health, educational and support services that help create a safe and adequate long-lasting environment conducive to responsible parenting within healthy families  

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