free or low-cost Same day services

  • Choice of BIRTH CONTROL METHODS (Condoms, Depo Shot, Pills, Vaginal Ring, IUD, Foam, Film, Nexplanon) Methods provided to you during your visit
  • Health Screenings (Cholesterol, Anemia, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Sore Throat, BMI, Thyroid, Infertility)
  • PAP SMEARS / HPV Testing
  • BREAST EXAM - MAMMOGRAM - Well Health Exam (physical)
  • "Painless" STD Testing - Results In 20 Minutes
  • IMMUNIZATIONS (HPV, Meningitis, TDaP, Flu, Hepatitis)
  • Urinary Tract Infection/Sore Throat Testing & Treatment On-Site
  • Preventative Primary Health Care Services
  • Colposcopy / Biopsies / Cryo-Therapy
  • PREGNANCY TESTING & CONFIRMATION - Same Day Visit Results with Proof of Pregnancy Form for Medicaid Office
  • Education and Counseling for Healthy Weight, Risk Reduction, and Much More!
  • Pharmacy Services with Many Medications that are available thru our On-Site Pharmacy
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer (Special Medicaid Applications for persons needing treatments, chemotherapy, and radiation)
  • Sports Physicals (Students and Kids) - Bring Your Forms and We'll Help You Out! Staying Healthy Means Being Active and Playing Sports Is One Way To Do That
  • No Insurance - No Problem! If You Don't Have Insurance or Can't Afford Care, Come See Us and Let Us Help You Out!
  • We DO Take Medicaid & Healthy Texas Women and can apply you for these and other programs on-site if you don't have insurance
  • Walk-In and Confidential Services Available - Call Us or Come By Today!
  • We Speak Spanish - Hablamos EspaƱol at ALL of our Clinic Locations


  • A non-profit agency delivering WOMEN's and MEN's health reproductive and primary health care services throughout 19 counties in South Texas including the Coastal Bend.

  • Going to College? Get your MENINGITIS SHOT at our clinics for free or low-cost!

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